We believe school communication and activity management are essentials that should not cost a fortune. Squad In Touch offers fair and transparent prices. Our prices are based on the number of pupils on roll and there is always a special offer for any school when purchasing two products or more. So why not calculate how much it would cost your school below, we guarantee we will save you money and be much cheaper than other similar solutions.
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Squad In Touch
Sport events management at your fingertips. Keep everyone up to date, get students engaged and motivated. Secure and safe.
Clubs and extracurricular
Manage your extracurricular program easily and efficiently. Encourage participation and communicate changes by the touch of a button.
Squad In Touch Leagues &
Manage your school tournaments, house leagues and competitions, sports days and festivals. Keep students active and improve parental engagement.
Squad In Touch
Manage tournaments and competitions at a hub, regional, or national level. Enhance your association online presence, promote your activities to a wider audience and improve your selection work.
Squad In Touch
Bringing virtual competitions to life. Add some fun and competition to your students' daily routine.
Whole school
Squad In Touch helps you communicate with your community easily, efficiently and secure